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Top Tips For Managing a Healthy Relationship and Hearing Loss

Whether we like it or not, Valentine’s Day is here to stay. And while any relationship can face its difficulties, those affected by hearing loss have another unique challenge to overcome. But never fear, here are some great tips on building a healthy relationship and healthier hearing.

Be Honest

If you’re losing your hearing, tell your loved ones straight away. The best relationships are built on understanding, and both people in it need to be able to rely on one another in regards to managing hearing loss. Whether you’re managing it for the first time or as long as you can remember, being upfront saves both parties any embarrassment.  

Activities & Acoustics

Whether you’re debuting as a couple or you’ve been doing it for years, planning a date around hearing loss is easy (with a bit of preparation). Some outings such as the cinema, busy bars and restaurants, or sporting arenas can be overwhelming on the ears, and create unnecessary drama on a nice night out. If you’re managing Valentine’s Day plans, look into easy-going places such as parks, lounge bars and coffee shops.

When Life Leads to Laziness

A long relationship can make people lax! Even in the most perfect of couples, a lifetime together can make people complacent when it comes to being mindful of a partner with hearing loss. Don’t just be communicative, be active! Shouting across the house can be upsetting and, more importantly, inaudible. Put in the effort to find who you’re talking to, and side-step any potential dramas.

Invest in Extra Help

While most individuals will have their trusty hearing aid, it never hurts to look into even more helpful acoustic options. Some of the Connect Hearing community have praised using a loop system. By simply transforming sounds into high-quality audio for a hearing aid, a hearing loop could be the perfect Valentine’s gift. Installing in your home can be dear, so think it through carefully. But many only require the click of a hearing aid to activate, and isn’t the gift of great hearing priceless?

Hearing isn’t Listening!

You don’t need to know anything about hearing loss for this tip! Relationships require listening. From important compromises to settling the cost of dinner, it’s unfair to blame hearing loss as an excuse for miscommunication. If you think they might not have heard you, then ask! Because you wouldn’t want to be stuck paying for dinner, would you…

With Valentine’s season in swing, why not give your loved ones the gift of better hearing? Talk to an audiologist about booking a hearing test. And for any concerns about relationships, contact a counsellor.

If you are concerned about hearing loss, book an appointment today.


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