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More tips on talking to your loved one about hearing loss

When you suspect that someone close to you might be struggling with hearing loss, it can be a tough subject to bring it up.

Maybe you’re not certain that your loved one is actually losing their hearing and you don’t want to look silly by voicing your suspicions. Maybe you are sure that they are in denial and attempting to cover up their hearing loss, and you don’t want to injure their pride or hurt their feelings.

There are a number of reasons why someone might not admit to losing their hearing, but often it comes down to a mixture of fear and frustration.

Hearing loss is a difficult subject to broach for any number of reasons, but if you suspect that someone close to you might be suffering in silence, then you should attempt to sensitively talk about the topic together.

If you notice that they’ve been speaking louder, asking you to repeat yourself, or not responding when spoken to, then it may be a good time to broach the subject.

Say I

When talking about their possible hearing loss, mention the effect that it’s been having on you. Use words like “I” and “me”, to say things like “I find it very tiring always having to repeat myself”. This may seem harsh, but it highlights the impact their denial is having without forcing them to become defensive.

Stay Positive

If you’re going to use stories to allay their fears, keep the examples positive. Talk about the benefits of clear hearing, and the positive effects of getting hearing aids.

Be Respectful

Although it’s important to be persistent when you try to help others, being respectful is key. Understand that this may be a difficult situation to confront for them so stay supportive at all times.

While every person’s hearing loss journey is different and personal, it’s important to remind your loved one that they’re not alone. There are plenty of resources available to them to help them on their path. Also, remind them that they should consult a hearing specialist to get tested and see what steps they can take to begin their journey.

If you have any personal experience talking to loved ones about hearing loss, please share your story with us.

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