Top Tips for Managing Hearing Loss in the Heat

Who knew heat could harm your hearing aids? The truth is, winter’s rain isn’t the only weather-induced wear and tear your hearing devices endure. With summer fast approaching, we want to ensure you keep your devices safe from this season’s high temps, sweat, sunscreen and salt water.

Shield them from the sun

Just as you wouldn’t leave your phone sitting out in the hot sun, your hearing aids can also overheat. Make sure you have a protective, waterproof case to take with you outdoors, or at the very least cover them with an article of clothing so they’re out of direct sunlight.

Store them smartly

While we suggest storing your devices while not in use outside, not all storage spots are created equal. While they may protect from the sun, glove boxes, dashboards, lunch packs, etc. can trap heat and moisture that can cause weak sound quality, reduced battery life, and inconsistent functionality.

Keep sprays on your skin

With oils and other chemicals that can harm electronics, sunscreen and mosquito spray should be applied carefully out of reach of hearing devices. We suggest removing them altogether vs. trying to spray around them. Same goes for perfumes, spray-on deodorants, or any other cosmetic products you may use more of in the sweaty summer months.

Give them a rest

After a day outdoors, humidity and sweat buildup can have damaging effects on even the toughest devices. Therefore, it’s important to let them rest while you do – we suggest opening the battery door at night to allow fresh air to move through and moisture to escape.

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