April 28, 2017
by weareallears
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Tips for keeping hearing aids healthy

Hearing can heavily rely on keeping your aids in top shape. Damaged devices may make you think your ears are further declining, when in reality they’re just dependent on fully-functional technology. We’ve previously made a few suggestions for how to properly care for your hearing aids, but have gathered a few new tips to keep your equipment in check.

Keep Tubing Up to Date

Just like cars, your hearing aids need a quick tune-up ever so often. For optimal performance, we’d recommend changing your tubing every 3-6 months. Your clinician will be able to assist you with this if you’re nervous to dissect the tech yourself.

Care for the Battery

Hearing aid batteries can be sensitive if not properly handled, so we’d suggest washing and drying your hands before touching the battery and thoroughly brushing out the inside of the cartridge to avoid dust build up. When you’re not using them, leave the battery doors open to avoid moisture accumulation.

Avoid the Elements

Heat, moisture, humidity, and even ear wax can negatively impact hearing aids. Proper year-round care is very important, so avoid leaving devices in hot cars or direct sunlight in the summer. In winter, we’d suggest wearing a hat or scarf to protect them from rain or moisture. Same goes for showering – remove your aids and keep them in a separate room to avoid steam exposure. Use cleaning tools daily to keep wax from building up inside their caverns.

If you have questions or concerns about your hearing or want to get your hearing aids checked, talk to an audiologist about booking a hearing test today.

April 28, 2017
by weareallears

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