November 08, 2017
by weareallears

Four Things you didn’t know caused Tinnitus

For being the most common hearing condition – affecting millions of people – there is still much confusion around tinnitus and its causes. After an influx of questions from our fans, we’re here to help clear up any misinformation by addressing some of the most common factors contributing to tinnitus. While this excessive ringing is often unavoidable and untreatable, there are ways to help prevent it or reduce its severity.

Dental Issues

It’s no secret that everything in your body is somehow connected and dependent on other parts, and that reigns supremely true for the head and neck region. Certain jaw issues or consequences of dental surgery can cause uncomfortable popping or clicking in the ears. In this case, a visit to your dentist, not audiologist, would hopefully help solve the issue. They may recommend a night guard if it’s traced back to teeth grinding. Other dental orthotic devices or surgery may be suggested if the problem is more serious.

Head Injuries

Similar to your jaw, other parts of your head can greatly impact your hearing. Oftentimes, patients will hear ringing in their ears after car accidents, sport incidents, or bad head bumps. These are considered biomechanical issues in the head, neck, or jaw, and should be treated by a doctor immediately.

Loud Noises

This one seems more obvious, but overexposure to loud sounds is the leading cause of tinnitus. Short-term exposure, such as fireworks or a loud concert, usually goes away after a few hours. However, long-term exposure to excessive noise – headphones, work on a construction site, etc. – can cause lasting damage to ears and permanent tinnitus.


We all have it, and it’s important to control it. While some earwax is healthy and necessary for fully-functioning ears, a build up can cause blockage that is hard to wash away naturally. When eardrums are irritated, tinnitus can quickly follow. We’d suggest seeing a professional to have earwax removed safely.

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November 08, 2017
by weareallears

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