January 01, 2016
by weareallears

New research finds many people don’t realise they need hearing aids

Do you know someone with hearing loss who refuses to seek treatment? You’re not alone as a recent report on hearing health in England by the Health & Social Care Information Centre has found that many people with hearing loss, don’t even realise they may need a hearing aid.

The study found that nearly a quarter of men and one sixth of women over the age of 55 suspect they may have some form of hearing loss. This news comes in spite of the fact that less than one third of all adults with hearing loss use a hearing aid.

This is obviously a cause for concern as untreated hearing loss can lead to social exclusion from conversations and events. The report also indicated that hearing loss can lead to poor mental health as the excluded person begins to feel left out and isolated.

Half the people surveyed said they had “great difficulty” with hearing and didn’t use an aid, while 13% of all the English population was found to have some level of hearing loss.

The reluctance to admit to or acknowledge hearing problems is far more common than initially thought. On average, it takes ten years for people to seek help or treatment for hearing loss.

Early diagnosis is one of the keys to treatment and we recommend booking an appointment with your local hearing clinician to learn more.

January 01, 2016
by weareallears

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