Moments you really appreciate your hearing aids

We recently asked the We’re All Ears Facebook community to answer this question for us…

Can you tell us about a time when you really appreciated your hearing aids?

The answers we received provide a glimpse into how hearing aids can change a person’s life. Here’s a selection of our favourites.

  1. The first time. First I heard the wind, then a bird sing, then my car indicators clicking, the chooks cackling, the clock ticking, my footsteps on the carpet, paper rustling, all in the first hour. It was rejoining the world as it is. – Rae M.
  1. Being profoundly deaf when I wake up and then putting my ears in to hear all sounds of nature. – Lester S.
  1. All the time. I wear mine all day every day and what a difference it makes to be able to join a conversation. – Betty H.
  1. The sounds of the birds and rustling of leaves in the trees was wonderful. –Nell V.
  1. I went without for a long time. When they first turned them on I freaked out. Later that night I thought they were playing up, when in fact it was the sprinklers in the garden. I didn’t realise the sound of them, and laughed out loud. – Garry F.
  1. I can hear on the phone now without having to get people to repeat themselves. – Janice B.
  1. All the time, I wear mine every day. I wouldn’t be without them. Because I sing in a church choir, I particularly appreciate them. – Peggy R.
  1. Hearing my grandchildren so we can have conversations they will remember. – Su C.J.
  1. When I heard the birds sing. – Bev S.
  1. Definitely at the movies. – Adele F.

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How about you? When do you appreciate your hearing aids the most? Tell us in the comments section below.


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