Types of Hearing Loss

Managing Ménière’s Disease

Ménière’s disease –  it’s a disease that can develop slowly or suddenly with a vertigo attack and no matter how it develops, or what causes it, there is no cure for the frustrating condition. However, there are many treatments focused on managing its symptoms.

Recognise the warning signs

One way to manage attacks is to note its warning signs – vertigo and dizziness are common symptoms of Ménière’s disease. As soon as you feel like you are beginning to lose your balance, it’s best to sit or lie down and concentrate on your breathing.

Avoid known triggers

Everything from watching television to moving suddenly can set off Ménière’s disease, and if you’ve found a trigger point or activity that has caused issues in the past, it’s obviously best to avoid these actions. While not everyone has the same triggers, it helps talking to friends or reading online forums to see what other people experience and if you’re impacted in the same way.

Eat regular meals with minimal salt

Maintaining a routine with meals helps regulate your body fluids, and consuming excessive amounts of salt can worsen symptoms by increasing fluids in your ears. Stick to cooking from scratch when possible, and try to avoid processed foods that are known to contain higher levels of salt.

Wear a hearing aid

While this method may not help everyone, wearing a hearing aid can ease the feeling of dizziness and help improve balance. The amplification from the aid helps wearers feel more equalized across their ears, with some people finding that it makes a huge difference in their daily lives.

Seek support

The most important thing to remember if you are feeling down about Ménière’s disease is that you are not alone. Find out if there is a local support group or visit an online forum to talk to others about your experience. Head to the We’re All Ears by Connect Hearing Facebook page to discover a community of people happy to offer support.


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