October 24, 2014
by weareallears

Lyric – the world’s only completely invisible hearing aid

It typically takes people with hearing loss up to seven years to seek hearing solutions. That’s seven years of misunderstandings, frustration and a growing sense of social isolation.

A common excuse for this delay in seeking help is the out-dated belief that hearing aids are an indication of old age or weakness. It’s unfortunate, but this misconception can often get in the way of a vast improvement in hearing.

There is a solution for people who are self conscious about needing hearing aids, however. Connect Hearing offers customers the Lyric, the world’s only completely invisible hearing aid. It’s a fantastic hearing solution for anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss. Lyric is designed to sit deep in the ear canal so no one will be able to tell you’re wearing it – even if they look closely.

Watch Duncan from Connect Hearing discuss Lyric on the Morning Show:

Benefits of Lyric include:

  • It’s worn 24/7 – no need to take it out to sleep or shower
  • With a battery life of up to 120 days, it needs to be changed only every two to three months by a clinician during a 20-minute, pain-free appointment. A completely new device every three months means your hearing aid is always using the most advanced technology available
  • It can be worn in the shower, while exercising and even while participating in sports. It can also be used when swimming as long as the head is not submerged, or if you have custom fitted earplugs.
  • It fits deeply into the ear canal eliminating the problem of wind noise
  • Unlike other hearing aids, no money needs to be spent on servicing, repairs or drying kits
  • It provides the ability to use devices such as telephone, headphones, or stethoscopes with little to no feedback or discomfort
  • There is no risk of losing the hearing aid
  • You can easily adjust Lyric’s volume or turn it off and on with an easy to use remote control

Could you or someone you know benefit from Lyric? Order a Lyric Guide to find out more – it includes a coupon for a free 30 day, no-obligations trial!

October 24, 2014
by weareallears

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