Jennifer with her granddaughter

Jennifer’s story: New Life

We would like to thank Jennifer for being the first person to submit her story to the We’re All Ears blog! Her journey with hearing loss has been a long one, with a very happy ending. Read on to find out more.

I first started to lose my hearing at about the age of 30.  Hearing loss is in my family. My mother had a stapedectomy operation on one of her ears at an early age and both my parents started to wear hearing aids at about the age of 60.

After quite a few visits to see different ear surgeons, they finally found I had otosclerosis. I had both ears operated on (stapedectomy) at the age of 35. It took a little while to get over the slight loss of balance that resulted from the operation.  On my follow up visit with my surgeon, he took out all the cotton gauze from my ears and I was on cloud nine! I could hear conversations going on in the waiting room, through the vent on a closed door!

But about two to three years later, I found my hearing was starting to fade again. After another visit to my surgeon I received the most devastating news of my life. He told me that my hearing had gone back to the way it was before the operations and that there was nothing else to be done except be fitted with hearing aids. I went out crying like a baby! I thought my life was over.

I tried different hearing aids throughout the next five years or so. I managed with just one, in my right ear, as I couldn’t afford the cost of two. Over the years I became badly depressed. Hearing loss is something that is really hard to live with. Nobody understands unless they’ve been there. It’s so very frustrating and affects your loved ones as well. It’s also very limiting of your employment options. I know there is always someone worse off though.

These days, I have a new hearing aid in my right ear, and although my hearing is not perfect, I am enjoying my life again. I am now 52 years old and a nanny to four wonderful grandchildren! I have an amazing family and future ahead of me.

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