July 17, 2015
by weareallears

How have hearing aids changed your life?

Hearing aids can be life changing for people with hearing loss. Not only do they dramatically improve the wearer’s ability to hear, they can help mend relationships, restore self-esteem and lead to increased independence.

We recently asked our community how hearing aids have changed their lives, and we received some great answers. Here are a few of our favourites.

  1. “I hold a fulltime job and have almost completed my university degree. Without hearing aids, I would have neither.” – Karyn L.
  1. “They have made my life so easy…the best part is that me and my husband can have good conversations.” – Robyn P.
  1. “As well as improving my personal circumstances, my Lyrics (invisible in-the-canal hearing aids) have made my wife happy too. She no longer has to deal with subtitles on the TV, frequently repeat herself or listen to me complaining about tinnitus. Happy days!” – Ivor W.
  1. “Now I can hear when I’ve left the fridge/freezer door open!” – Bindii B.
  1. “For my two profoundly deaf grandchildren it has brought sound to their world of silence. When my little grandson at the age of 6 spoke the word “Nanna” for the first time I cried and cried. Poor little man wondered what on earth he had done to upset me and I am trying to stop crying and sign to him at the same time that I am very, very happy.” – Dianne D.
  1. “Muting the loud intrusive background noises has given me peace in more ways than the obvious – my anxiety and social apprehension have decreased and I am a much calmer person!” – Donna N.
  1. “I have now started to come out of my corner, and I am regaining some confidence.” – Sian F.
  1. “I now do not have to just smile and nod hoping I am responding at the correct moment in conversation. Also I can understand what people in shops, doctors, dentists, etc. are saying, rather than wondering if they are speaking in a foreign language. Nice not to have people thinking I’m maybe not only elderly but senile as well. Yay to hearing aids.” – Betty H.
  1. “I can hear birds and understand my grandchildren now. I save on power… the TV doesn’t have to be so loud!!!!!” – Lorraine R.

Do you wear hearing aids? How have they changed your life? Tell us in the comments below.

July 17, 2015
by weareallears

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