A History of Hearing Aids: As Told by our Fans

Hearing technology has evolved a lot over the years, and the industry has never been more progressive or innovative as it is today. However, it did take a few years to get to there. We asked our Facebook community to weigh in on their first experiences with hearing aids in the early days. Their stories range from funny, to frustrating, to frightening. Here are a few of our favourites.

“They cut up my ears!”

Ann B. said, in the 50s, her doctor recommended hearing aids with glass moulds, which made her ears bleed any time they were knocked or impacted. Aren’t you glad they’re not designed with glass anymore? Ouch!

“They connected me to a cord!”

For Wayne P., his first hearing device consisted of a metal box with attached cords that gave his ears a daily dose of discomfort. Can’t say we blame you, Wayne! No one likes feeling like a robot.

“They clipped to my clothes!”

It’s fine to wear your heart on your sleeve, but your hearing? No thanks. Janice G. said she found her first pair of hearing aids most uncomfortable and unfashionable, as they required being clipped to her outfit. Here’s to disguised devices in 2017!

“They changed my life!”

While some users found their first devices dreadful, a slew of fans celebrated their early hearing aids for the joy and ease they added to day-to-day living. Suzie P. said it didn’t even matter what hers felt like, the fact she could hear the birds singing was reason enough to wear them!

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