September 26, 2013
by weareallears

Hearing tools to make life a little easier

It’s the little things that can be most frustrating for people living with hearing loss. Everyday tasks that most people take for granted, like listening to the radio, answering the phone or watching TV, can require an exhausting amount of effort to understand what is being said.

Hearing aids are the ideal solution, but there are extra options available to make life even easier.

Listening devices

One complaint audiologists frequently hear from clients is that they find it hard to understand the dialogue on TV shows. To compensate for this, they turn the volume right up, which often doesn’t help, and has the added bonus of annoying everyone else in the room!

A range of listening devices is available for purchase from hearing specialists such as Connect Hearing. These devices are easily connected to the TV, hi-fi system or radio, and produce clear, excellent sound directly to your ears, so you can listen at any volume you want without disturbing others.

Listening devices are easy to use, comfortable and can be personalised to suit your listening preferences. They are also wireless, so if you wear hearing aids, the sound can be transmitted from the device to the hearing aid by means of wireless induction.


Amplified phones

For those with hearing loss, using the telephone can be frustratingly difficult. It’s often hard to hear the phone ringing, and even more challenging to understand the person talking on the other end of the line. This can be both inconvenient and isolating.

Amplified phones are a fantastic option for anyone who is hard of hearing. These offer greater amplification and clarity compared to standard phones. Features include:

  • Extra loud ringer, including a powerful vibration function
  • Visual ring indicator. Bright white strobe lights on the handset signal calls visually
  • Large buttons and text display for easy dialing
  • Pre-programmed numbers for emergencies
  • An inbuilt system that offers those who use hearing aids clearer sound


Could one of these hearing tools assist you or someone you know? Read more here.

September 26, 2013
by weareallears

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