January 16, 2017
by weareallears
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5 Healthy Habits to Help your Hearing

While many people’s healthy goals involve committing to hit the gym harder or sacrificing your favourite sweets, don’t forget to focus on the health of your hearing. Here are five healthy habits to help protect your hearing…

Speak up to turn it down

Restaurants, shops, and bars often crank up music unnecessarily loud to subtly limit lingering or set a fun atmosphere that sways patrons to buy or order more. Even taxi drivers will use turned-up tunes to keep customers entertained on their trips (and hope for tips!). But chances are, everyone agrees the environment is much more enjoyable if you don’t have to shout over one another, so don’t be afraid to speak up and ask the manager to turn it down. Or, choose venues you know keep their music or TVs at reasonable levels.

Be prepared with protection

For those situations you can’t control, come prepared with earplugs or earmuffs. Concerts, loud lecture halls, sports games, cinemas, etc. are fun, but not exactly ear-friendly! Invest in a simple, subtle noise-reducing device to take sound down by 15-30 decibels.

Set your phone’s “loud limit”

Many mobile devices allow you to select a maximum sound level on your handset so you aren’t tempted to turn it up too high (or more likely, accidentally hit the top volume button with your bum!). Ringers, notifications, etc. can all be controlled in settings.

Keep this in mind: Earbuds, bad. Headphones, ok.

It seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone wearing a headset of sorts. But notice a key difference in the design: earbuds are internal, while headphones rest over your ears, making incoming sound a whole lot safer. Invest in a nice set of noise-cancelling headphones so you don’t have to crank up the volume on your songs, podcasts, phone calls, online shows or videos!

Don’t smoke

Ever thought about those little hairs in your ears? Probably not, but they’re extremely important, and smoking is a quick way to destroy them. By disrupting circulation and limiting oxygen flow, your ears can’t protect or repair those important little fibres. We suggest limiting smoking or stopping altogether. Your lungs, and your ears, will thank you.

There you have it: simple resolutions you can’t help but keep. If you have concerns about your hearing, book a hearing test today. Here’s to helping your ears for many more years!

January 16, 2017
by weareallears

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