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Have you heard about Hear the World?

With one in six Australians suffering from hearing loss, it’s unimaginable how many untreated cases exist in developing countries that don’t have access to proper testing facilities or means of treatment. Keeping that in mind, our parent company and leading hearing system manufacturer, Sonova, launched the Hear The World Foundation in 2006 as a means to prevent the issue from worsening around the world.

What is the Hear The World Foundation vision?

The non-profit organisation was established with four key goals in mind: to create a world in which every person has access to healthy hearing, hearing is cherished and protected, wearing a hearing aid is no taboo, and people with reduced hearing are given equal opportunities.

Why is it so important?

Over 15% of the adult population worldwide is affected by hearing loss, and 665k+ children are born with it each year. With a focus on the future, the Foundation estimates that this number could be cut in half if preventative measures are taken earlier on. Over 70 celebrities have chimed in to help, with ambassadors including Sting, Frida Pinto, and Peter Gabriel.

What is the Foundation’s biggest challenge?

Statistically speaking, 80% of people with hearing loss live in low-to-middle income countries without audiological access or care. For low-income communities, only one in 40 people affected has been treated with a hearing aid, and those devices aren’t often reflective of the most current hearing technologies.

How can you help?

If you’d like to learn more about the Hear The World Foundation or make a donation, you can do so on their website. However, prevention starts at home –  if you have concerns about your loved ones’ hearing or your own, talk to an audiologist about booking a hearing test today.