Four Vivid Sydney Events Perfect for People with Hearing Loss

Vivid Sydney is back and brighter than ever. As we gear up for what has become one of the most sensory and stimulating events of any city across the globe, we wanted to share a few ideas for activities the entire family can enjoy, including those with hearing loss.

Light Waves

No need for sound waves when you have light waves like these. Introducing one of Vivid Sydney’s most electrifying displays of 2017 – a curtain of brilliantly-coloured light that illuminates the Harbour we know and love. Its magic lies in the fact that the lights are partially submerged in the Harbour’s moving water, which creates an illusion of dancing waves as tides rise and lower. The installation runs the entirety of the festival in Campbell’s Cove.

What Lies Beneath

This mysterious and captivating visual installation captures the essence of oceanic and earthly depths with the emergence of human forms and explorations. In it, you’ll immerse yourself in an illuminated trail through intimate laneways, past waterfront vistas and into the foodies’ paradise that is Barangaroo. The roving display is a nod towards all that is unseen – our planet’s mysteries that exist under the surface or in the shadows of the night. Clouds of mist help bring the lights to life in a unique visual way so no audio assistance is required for enjoyment. The display runs daily from 6-11 pm. Explore other details here.


Get up close and personal with some of Sydney’s newest faces in this gigantic illuminated sculpture, which like Sydney itself, represents a range of expressions, genders, and unique characters. The artist’s treatment of the pixels makes for a translucent, low-resolution effect unlike those we’re used to seeing in the glossy world of digital media. It runs for the duration of the festival in the Royal Botanical Gardens.

3D Printing: The Future is Now

What was once just a buzzword or another big idea is quickly becoming one of the most transformative mainstream technologies across the globe. Early advancements in medicine, social issues, education, art, design, and the environment can be attributed to progress within the 3D printing space, and our parent company, Sonova, has been utilising it for years. Vivid Sydney has gathered some of the faces and forces behind these advancements for a thrilling panel discussion on 15th June where experts will share their perspective on the current state of 3D printing and answer questions about where it’s headed in the future. And don’t fear if you have concerns about hearing at the event, you can use a Roger Pen to make this easier. The talk takes place in The Event Space, The Connection, 30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes NSW 2138 and includes hearing loop and audio induction loop for those who need assistance. Find out more here.

How are you experiencing Vivid Sydney? Tell us on our Facebook page, and if you have questions or concerns about your hearing, talk to an audiologist about booking a hearing test today.

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