Four tips to make tinnitus more liveable

By now, you’ve probably seen us chat about tinnitus. As something that affects nearly 20% of all Australians, it’s important to not only understand what it is, but also how best to cope with the irritating condition. Constant ringing in the ears and head is not only uncomfortable, but it can even lead to pain and depression if not managed properly, as finding peace and quiet in can become an impossible task. Here are some top tips for avoiding tinnitus in your everyday life.

Avoid stress

This may seem obvious for overall health, but stress also has a strong link to tinnitus. Tough times can trigger the ringing or even make it worse. There’s no cure for stress, but when you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to keep your ears in mind and try to unwind.

Cut back on caffeine

Stress can lead to lack of sleep, which often leads to a caffeine crutch. The cycle is vicious (and coffee delicious!), so you should know caffeine contributes to tinnitus in many cases. If you must indulge, limit yourself to one dose per day.

Sleep with a fan on

While this won’t make ringing go away, background noise can help distract from tinnitus symptoms, especially when attempting to fall asleep. We’d suggest investing in an sleep aid machine that plays ambient sound, or simply turning on a fan at night.

Tune in to other senses

It may sound strange, but being more mindful of taste, touch, etc. can actually lessen the sharpness of tinnitus, at least temporarily. When your condition is really getting to you, we’d suggest sleeping with a bag of lavender under your pillow, taking a walk on a breezy day, sucking on a lolly or your favourite mints, etc. Tinnitus sufferers have sworn by this method as a means to relax and distract from the constant, unwanted sound.

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