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Four Reasons to Listen to a Loved One When it Comes to Hearing Loss

Like any condition, calling hearing loss to someone’s attention can be awkward. More often than not, it’s loved ones that first identify a person’s inability to hear fully, and it can come off offensive or insensitive if the topic is not approached correctly. However they go about it, it is important to listen to loved ones, as they’re usually the first ones to tell us what everyone else is thinking or noticing. Also, their intention is typically to help rather than offend, so be gentle before getting defensive. Here are our top five reasons to take these conversations seriously.

They feel just as uncomfortable as you do

Those closest to us are often in the tough position of acting as a mirror. It’s not easy to tell someone they should consider getting help of any kind, and there are even articles written to advise loved ones on how to handle the situation. Don’t make them resort to online reading – just be open to the conversation and appreciate the fact they’re encouraging you to get the most out of life.

Other people are probably thinking it

Chances are, if your loved ones feel compelled to talk to you about hearing loss, other people around you have noticed the issue. Don’t wait until a stranger has to say something – it’s better to take cues from those close to you than be called out by someone who isn’t.

You could be ignoring other health issues

Sometimes, hearing loss is a sign of other concerns, or it can lead to them if left untreated. Seeing as our body systems are incredibly interconnected, improving your ears may improve other elements of your life. Also, there are safety concerns when it comes to hearing loss, and you could be putting yourself or others at risk by avoiding treatment. For instance, if your family speaks to you about your hearing and you continue to drive them around, you may miss sirens or other important road noises, and it could result in an an argument (or worse).

Your life will improve

Our Facebook community will be the first to tell you they’ve seen drastic improvements in their mood, relationships, and overall well being since acknowledging and treating their hearing loss, tinnitus, etc. As Marsha M. put it “The first time I put hearing aids in, I could hear the birds singing for the first time in years. It made getting through the day easier and much more enjoyable.” That being said, don’t wait to make yourself (and your loved ones) happier. If hearing aids or other treatments can help, why not take advantage of them?

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