Don’t Let Your Hearing Affect You This Mother’s Day

In celebrating Mother’s Day, we’re here to ensure all grandmothers, mums and daughters can hear clearly. It’s the perfect time to show the women living with hearing loss that you appreciate them and understand their needs, so follow our advice on making the most out of your special day with Mum.

Location, Location

When organising Mother’s Day celebrations for someone with hearing loss, take a moment to consider how your event will be held. Hosting it outside ensures a quieter environment, as indoor celebrations mean voices will reverberate around the room and bounce off walls.

Ideally, an outdoor setting also helps you control background noise. Indoors, ambient sounds from electronics such as speakers, televisions, etc. make it more difficult than usual for those with hearing loss to make out conversation.

Whether you’re hosting or attending, it’s OK to think of yourself first when considering seating arrangements. A large, round table is not ideal for someone with hearing loss to make conversation with multiple people, nor is being stuck at the head of the table. Place yourself or that person comfortably in the middle of the table where you/they can see everyone’s faces. This is especially helpful for lip readers.

After that, you should ensure that you’re not over-reaching to converse with family seated far down the table. Chat with those nearest to you, and with those that are patient with you if asked to repeat something.

The gift of hearing

It may not seem like a traditional gift to give on Mother’s Day, but taking it as an opportunity to talk to your family members about addressing hearing loss can go a long way. The key is to take a sensitive, non-confrontational approach.  

It may be with your parents, or perhaps even your children, but come to the conversation about hearing loss well-researched and informed. Try to understand any stress that the subject may cause for them and discuss the challenges of hearing loss on all your lives rather than directing any sort of blame.

Look to book your loved ones into a hearing test, then provide them with a range of hearing aid options that you may have researched. Showing you took the time to learn on their behalf will emphasise how serious yet understanding you are about the topic.

However you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, and whether you’re dealing with hearing loss for the first time or the fiftieth, ensure that you’ve considered the small things for your family. From arranging seats to arranging a hearing test, use this day to do something for the better for someone you love, or even yourself.


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