December 04, 2018
by weareallears

Discovering Sound: Surprising Noises for those Hearing for the First Time

Getting effective hearing aids or coming out of a limiting hearing condition can be an incredible transition. So much so that the Reddit community took up an entire thread discussing sounds they found enlightening, surprising, amazing, or even disgusting once they heard them for the first time. Have a read of a few of our favourites.

“I could hear paper”

For one user, the sound of paper rubbing against paper left her in awe. While it seems like a simple, everyday noise, she discovered it only after getting Bluetooth Cochlear Implants as an adult. She also had thoughts on a couple other unexpected sounds, which we found very amusing!

“I had no idea paper sliding on paper made a noise. I could also hear my hand sliding on a wall, and cats started to annoy me because sometimes they make a sound, but sometimes they just make the action with no sound. What’s weird is, boobs don’t make noise, you really think they would…”

“I thought ice cream made a sound as it melted”

One user reported that she thought ice cream would make a sound as it melted, and was disappointed to find out it didn’t. Consolingly, it makes a slurpy sound as you lick it, which is the most important part!

“I screamed when I heard the toilet flush”

Toilets can be shockingly loud, even for those who have been hearing them their entire lives. One user said he screamed and jumped back in the bathroom the first time he heard the toilet flush, and that he noticed a big difference between toilets in homes versus toilets in public places. He noted that cruise ship toilets are the worst offenders of unnecessary noise!

“Nature is full of unexpected sounds”

A few users reported being both fascinated and soothed by noises in nature – gravel crunching beneath your feet, birds chirping, rain falling, waves crashing. One user was surprised to discover rain can be very loud when it hits the surface, but snow is completely silent. Another user cried the first time he heard crickets and birds – sounds we often take for granted!

“Bodily functions all sound different….”

Many users also agreed the sound of passing gas is quite fascinating and can be surprisingly distinct depending on the person. There’s one sound – and smell – we could live without!

If you have any others to add, please let us know on our Facebook page. If you think it’s time for you to discover sound, talk to a specialist about booking a hearing test today.

December 04, 2018
by weareallears

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