Is there a connection between hearing loss and mental health?

One concern for those with declining hearing is the link between undiagnosed and untreated hearing loss and mental health issues. When ignored, hearing loss can cause difficulties communicating, put strain on relationships and lead to loneliness, depression and anxiety, among other issues.

Results from a study by Dr Chuan-Ming Li found that people with hearing loss have a greater risk of mental health issues, particularly depression. Women were found to have a stronger association between the two, while those with moderate hearing loss were also found to experience mental health issues.

Ignoring the problem is never the answer. If you suspect that you may be experiencing some hearing loss, or that someone you love may be dealing with untreated hearing loss then you should consider booking a hearing check with an audiologist as soon as possible.

The sooner you address the early symptoms of hearing loss the better your chances are of combating the associated mental health conditions.

Consult with your audiologist today to see what treatments are available for your hearing loss.

For more information and support about mental health, please visit Mental Health Australia’s website.

If you are concerned about hearing loss, book an appointment today.


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