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Top Christmas gifts for people with hearing loss

Christmas is coming, and we’re all struggling to get through our mountains of shopping in time for the big day. Whether you work from a list, or just let fate guide you to your gifts, whether you shop in multiple mini missions, or try to get it all over with in one big hit, finding and buying the right presents for the right people can often be a tricky task.

If you or someone you know has hearing loss, there are actually so many great piece of technology that help make life easier, and they all make great gifts.

An Alternative Alarm

People with hearing loss often have difficulty waking up to a traditional alarm. This is one of the complications of taking out your hearing devices before going off to sleep. The alarm goes off and you can end up sleeping right through it without ever hearing it. But there are solutions.

There are clocks, like the SunRise clock, which grow gradually brighter to simulate the sunrise and wake you up gently.

For a different kind of wakeup, you could get the Shake Awake vibrating alarm, that pulses until you wake up and turn it off.

Book an Art Gallery or Museum tour

Many art galleries and museums have self-guided tours specially designed for those with hearing loss. We have written about them before and you can learn all about them here.

A New Doorbell

An ordinary doorbell can be missed by people with even the keenest sense of hearing, but not the SkyBell Digital Doorbell. It sends an alert to your phone and even has a video function allowing you to see the person at the door, lip-read and sign with them.

Television helpers

To make television easier to understand, there are products like TV Ears which make it possible for you to set your own volume independently of the other people in the room, offering clearer sound free from background noises.

Another such useful device is the AccuVoice TV Speaker. This product makes voices clearer, so you can always understand what people are saying, even at low volumes.

Children’s Books on Hearing Loss

Recently, we gave you a list of the best children’s books that deal with hearing loss, and you can read that here. These are useful for bringing up the topic and educating children on the subject of hearing loss. And they make great gifts.

The Roger Pen

Hearing and understanding people in meetings at work, and at social gatherings over the holidays, can be a challenge with all of the background noise of laughter and merriment, (not to mention the Christmas carols). So the Roger Pen is the perfect solution. It’s a discreet, Bluetooth connected wireless microphone that delivers superior speech understanding in noise over distance. And it automatically adjusts to the noise levels and speakers around you.

Book a Hearing Appointment

Any of the above gifts would be a great and thoughtful item to give a loved one dealing with hearing loss this Christmas. However, the best gift of all to give to yourself or another would be to make an appointment with an audiologist to get your hearing checked. The sooner any potential issues are discovered, the better will be the chances of managing the hearing loss. Book an appointment today.

If you’ve seen anything in this list that you like, perhaps you can ask Santa, or a family member, to get it for you. If you have any concerns about your hearing, let us know in the comments.  And tell us what you’d like for Christmas this year.

If you are concerned about hearing loss, book an appointment today.


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