April 23, 2015
by weareallears
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Advice from the We’re All Ears community for people who have just been diagnosed with hearing loss

When you hit a roadblock in life, it can be very comforting to talk to someone who has gone through a similar situation. With this in mind, we recently asked the We’re All Ears Facebook community a question: What advice would you give someone who has just been diagnosed with hearing loss?

Our community members had some very wise words of advice to offer. We found it difficult to pick between all the brilliant suggestions, but below you will find a selection of our favourites.

  1.  “I would advise them to explore the possibility of having hearing aids fitted, their audiologist will be able to help there…” – Jeff D.
  2.  “Best advice is wear your hearing aids!!!” – Robyn O.
  3.  “I would encourage them to get one of the new miniature hearing aids fitted, at least try.” – Susan R.
  4.  “I would recommend they try and find a Better Hearing Group near them, as it is filled with wonderful advice and all the members also have a hearing loss so know first hand what it is like to cope with a hearing loss. I have made lifelong understanding friends through a group such as this.” – Cynthia D.
  5.  “It’s OK to cry and get angry when people are rude, discriminatory and treat you like you have a brain disorder instead of hearing loss. Hearing aids are like glasses for ears so shouldn’t have to hide them. Made my life miraculous!!” – Nush C.
  6.  “Learn to lip read!” – Annie D.
  7.  “I would suggest to people who are diagnosed with hearing loss to gather as much information about the best hearing aids to suit their needs and accept that they may take a little time to get used to wearing them.” – Sue W.
  8.  “I recommend the person being up front about it no matter who the company or what the situation. Many more people than we realise actually have a hearing loss and they pretend to hear and know what is going on. It would help the cause if everyone was more aware of the reality.” – Lynden N.
  9.  “Don’t let the hearing loss isolate you socially. Don’t let it stop you from doing what you love or even stop you from trying something new.” – Lianne V.S.
  10. “Deafness is only a handicap if you allow it to be. I’ve won awards at music festivals for singing. I dance and have taught dancing. I play keyboard, drums and guitar. You can still have a normal life. If hearing aids aren’t an option, join a support group and teach yourself to lip read. But most of all, be thankful you only have a hearing loss. Some people are far more disadvantaged.” – Shenni W.
  11.  “Don’t ignore it. Get the best professional advice. And wear the hearing aid.” – Pam D.
  12. “Make sure you have closed captions on your TV.” – Jean M.

What advice would you give? Tell us in the comments below.

April 23, 2015
by weareallears

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