November 19, 2014
by weareallears
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3 tips for taking part in sport with hearing aids

Participating in sport when you wear hearing aids can be tricky. Sweat, dirt and vigorous movement commonly make it a challenge to keep hearing aids clean and securely in place.

But the answer is not to remove your hearing aids! Most sports involve a lot of communication and you will inevitably need them to be able to hear shouts and calls from your teammates, your opponents or the referee.

Luckily, there are ways to keep your hearing aids clean and in your ears while you are scoring a goal, cycling up a mountain or hitting a birdie. We’ve listed them below.

1. Tell your hearing clinician which sport you play

When you are going through the process of being fitted with hearing aids, your hearing clinician will ask you many questions about your lifestyle to ensure you purchase the best hearing aid for your hearing needs. Make sure to tell the clinician if you play a certain sport, and they will fit you with the best option for that particular pastime.

2. Purchase hearing aid protective gear

It is not uncommon for people with hearing aids to accidentally damage them while participating in sport. Hearing aids can fall out and get trampled on, or damaged from excess moisture. If you swim or play a sport where perspiration is a concern, ask your hearing clinician what options are available for you to keep your hearing aids dry. It might be that you need a hearing aid dryer or dehumidifier, a protective sleeve or a simple sweatband to keep perspiration and other moisture away from your hearing aids. It’s also possible to purchase a special cord to ensure that if your hearing aid does fall out, it doesn’t fall far!

3. Keep your friends and teammates informed about your hearing needs

Even with hearing aids, it might be a little harder for you than others to hear what’s going on. Keep your friends in the loop about how they can make communicating easier for you. For example, it might be an idea to develop signals to communicate key messages.

Do you have any other tips to add to this list? Share them in the comments below!


November 19, 2014
by weareallears

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