October 09, 2015
by weareallears

15 signs you might have a hearing loss

Hearing loss can creep up on you slowly. Very often, someone will develop a hearing impairment without realising they have a problem. This is why it’s important to familiarise yourself with the signs and symptoms of hearing loss, which are often very subtle.

If you can relate to any of the fifteen hearing loss indicators listed below, it might be time for a hearing test!

  1. Everything sounds a bit muffled
  2. You have trouble hearing over loud background noise and often avoid noisy environments
  3. You have trouble following what’s being said in group conversations
  4. The volume on your television and/or radio is turned all the way up
  5. Family and friends often tell you you’ve got a hearing problem
  6. You often misunderstand what people have said
  7. You frequently need to ask people to repeat themselves
  8. You find the voices of women and children harder to understand
  9. You find yourself reading lips occasionally
  10. You often wonder why everyone is mumbling
  11. There’s a ringing in your ears
  12. When on the phone, you often swap the ear you’re holding the receiver to in order to hear better
  13. You find yourself declining invitations to social events because you struggle to take part in conversations
  14. Socialising often leaves you feeling exhausted and isolated
  15. Hearing loss runs in your family

Do any of these signs sound familiar? Don’t put it off any longer – book a hearing test today.

October 09, 2015
by weareallears

If you are concerned about hearing loss, book an appointment today.


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